King Jason Zante Tastes

from the heart

Food is an inviting and sensual experience and our philosophy is to offer our guests exquisite dining shared under starry skies, or in refined settings as amazing as the food. At King Jason Zante our talk-point dining scene takes center stage.

Delight in the layered, memorable and piquant flavours of our artful menus. From up-ended Eastern Mediterranean at Haroūb, our celebration of the subtle and soulful, meant to be shared, cuisine of the Levant, to the vibrant joyous world of Peruvian fusion at Pisco, where culinary excitement and a zest for flavours collide to transport you on a taste-tingling adventure that pays homage to the ancient traditions of Peru.


Peruvian fusion

Enter Pisco to be greeted by the tantalising aromas and sizzling sounds emanating from our open kitchen where talented chefs work their magic on our Josper-Robata grill to infuse each dish with extra smoky, textured goodness and where the best of Peruvian traditions, techniques and ingredients merge in a whirlwind of freshness and creativity at our ceviche bar. Distinct for their intensity and freshness, with zesty lime giving an especially unique kick, each dish tells its own delicious story and each bite is a sensation.

Levantine Inspired

At Haroūb you discover the stunning complexity of Levantine cuisine that brings together three continents, Western Asia, Southern Europe, and North Africa. Layered and aromatic, studded by a large variety of small dishes, this generous and social cuisine is designed to be shared. Pull up a chair at our communal table for a memorable experience of gastronomic storytelling and lessons in culture and flavour through an array of beautifully plated dishes that follow recipes passed down through generations. In settings as thrilling as the food, earthy, inviting, and warm, prepare to be delighted by a heart-felt and unexpectedly generous tapestry of flavours.

All-day restaurant

Fresh and breezy overlooking the pools and olive groves, The Watergarden, is our all-day, authentic dining concept that spotlights Mediterranean cuisine. From poolside seating to the indoor banquettes, every designed corner of this exquisite restaurant is invitingly bright. The artfully blurred lines between interior and exterior extend the landscape green-feel indoors, making it hard to choose between waterline seating and the ongoing theatrics of the indoor, open-plan kitchen, central to the lively recreation of a preciously upscale farmer’s market. The deli, fruit stalls, live bakery serving pastries light as air, charcuterie tasting-area and well-stocked wine cave, display the fresh and locally sourced ingredients that inspire our beautifully plated daily selections.