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Our vision of Slow Living flows through the core philosophy of our Purai Spa and offers you a series of techniques and therapies that will optimize your daily wellbeing, introducing easy new habits that you can implement in your daily routine back home. We take you on a transformational experience in the company of a Slowness Coach to help you discover your own ‘slowed’ pace. Morning meditations in the olive groves; silent reflective olive leaf-picking; tea rituals; yoga and gentle stretching practices to hail the day; deep tissue massages infused with fragrant oils extracted from herbs or incorporating local products like wine and honey; as well as deep sauna and floating hydro-therapies.

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Restful, deliberate design. Natural raw materials. Muted earth tones. Water and light. Your wellness journey begins at our Purai Spa. Relax, restart, revitalize soul and cells in your own time, at your own pace. Every detail of our rarefied space has been sensorily designed with your wellbeing in mind. Minimally peaceful and grounding, with muted earth tones, our relaxation areas provide a soothing haven for a quietly meditative time-out from the world. Decompress on our swinging beds, gently swaying above shimmering water in quiet reflection. Let off steam, cortisol and tension in our sauna. Start a fitness journey and recalibrate your body with movement at our sizeable high-tech gym. At Purai Spa we help you engineer an integrative wellness plan in organic and elementally beautiful settings.