the art of

At King Jason Zante we are inspired to take care of you. Our all-in vision for an adults-only hotel with amazing aesthetics and upscale accommodations and our deliberate attention to detail, means you can slow down, reconnect to the natural landscape, find community, unwind and step carefree into the moment leaving the details to us. Amid this elemental magnificence of place and space, water and air, sun-warmed earth and ancient trees, beholding the ever-moving distant sea, it’s easy to enjoy the small and not so small pleasures of slow living.

It’s all in the details… And we take care of them all…

What is Slow Living? The process of taking your time to breathe, eat consciously, and integrate everything you touch, feel and see.

Zante flower

live slow,
live fully,
live to thrive
A baptism of the senses
in communion with
the elements
In the art of living slow
we find the
magic of balance,
the joy of
simplicity and the peace
that comes with
being fully present.