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An island where NATURE IS KING, welcomes the first LIFESTYLE ALL INCLUSIVE luxury resort on the island with tailored, all-encompassing service.

Our vision of hospitality transcends the typical all-inclusive vacation experience, to offer a range of high-end amenities and activities that aim to nourish the body, mind, and soul.
Our holistic vision of hospitality is based on the concept of living slow, hence our services focus on care, relaxation, and personal fulfilment via a curated program that meets your needs, whether you’re seeking peace of mind with yoga and meditation at our Purai Spa, or a personalised culinary voyage at our wide range of venues, or the discovery of the local way of living via workshops and island exploration.

Welcome to the world of King Jason Zante.
Welcome to the art of slow living.

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A hotel where striking architecture meets low-key splendour

Settled in an ancient olive grove with views over the Ionian Sea, everything about our spacious domain encourages you to slow down and reconnect to the elements of nature.

Discover the Art of Slow Living

Zante landscape
Superior Suite Swim Up
King Jason Zante

Spacious bedrooms
in gentle neutrals

grounding SOFT tactile. ACCOMMODATIONS inspired by the landscape, surrounded by water.

King Jason Zante
King Jason Zante

the art of

With its encompassing lifestyle all-in vision for an adults-only hotel with superb aesthetics and next-level accommodations and our special brand of everything-taken-care-of service, King Jason Zante leaves little else for you to do but succumb and revel in your guest-time here, luxuriating in our sleep well, eat well, live well to thrive vibe. Amid this elemental magnificence of place and space, water and air, sun-warmed earth and ancient trees, beholding the ever-moving distant sea, it’s easy to enjoy the small and not so small pleasures of slow living.


Opening June 2024